Home Emergencies

Emergencies Happen - First and Foremost Be Prepared

While we all tend to think of emergencies as something which happen to other people, the fact is that at some time a great percentage of homeowners will experience a power outage, a sewer backup, a flooded basement, or a gas leak.

Emergencies require immediate action. Make sure every member of the family - even school-age children - understands the importance of following the correct emergency procedures. Children should be taught: When in doubt, leave the house. Always go to a neighbor's house to ask for help or call 911 for emergency assistance.

Gas Leaks.
The odor of gas is always an emergency warning. Heed it. If you are unable to locate the leak within a few minutes, call your gas company for help. Evacuate family members and pets until the leak is found and repaired. REMEMBER:

  • Never use an open flame to look for a gas leak.
  • Know where the main gas shut-off in your house is located, and close the valve in case of a leak.
  • Post the NiGas emergency phone number along with other emergency numbers.
  • Be sure all pilot lights are relit after the leak is repaired.

Power Failures.
Power failures are never convenient but being without electricity after dark can be unnerving as well as inconvenient. You will need an alternate source of light to check your circuit breaker, to call ComEd, to check on other family members, and to move about the house. For your safety:

  • Equip your home with power failure emergency items. Have a working flashlight or candles and matches in one or more easily accessible locations. School-age children should know where flashlights are located and how to operate them. A battery-operated AM/FM radio will enable you to check for news about the power outage.

  • Know the location of your fuse box and how to replace a fuse. Keep one or more spare fuses on hand. If you have a circuit breaker, label all switches and know how to turn them off.

  • If flooding occurs in the basement or elsewhere in your home, DO NOT enter the water unless the main electrical switch has been thrown and all power in the house is cut off. Water conducts electricity, and anyone standing in water is in danger of being electrocuted

  • Post Alient's emergency number along with other emergency numbers.

Wind Damage.
Tree branches or other objects are sometimes blown across utility lines during a severe wind storm. Never attempt to remove an object from power lines yourself - call Alient.

If a parkway tree is uprooted or a large limb from a parkway tree snaps during a windstorm, call the Department of Public Works to report it. The tree or limb will be removed as soon as possible. If the tree was downed during a windstorm which caused extensive damage, please be patient. It takes time to get to all of the locations in the Village where assistance with downed tree limbs or other types of assistance are required.

Tornado Threats
Tornado threats are never to be taken lightly. A tornado watch means that conditions are such that a tornado could develop. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been sighted and you should take cover immediately. Remain in a safe place until an all-clear is sounded on the Village's tornado sirens. If your home is seriously damaged, throw all main switches as soon as it is safe to do so.

Water Emergencies.
The wise homeowner will take the time to learn the location of the shutoff for every water device in the house such as sinks, toilets, the water heater, the dishwasher, and the washing machine and dryer. You should also know the location of the main water shut-off for the entire house. For your safety:

  • If flooding occurs, think of your personal safety first, your possessions second. Evacuate the house, if necessary, and call for help from a neighbor's house. Never risk electrocution by entering a flooded area if electrical power is still on.
  • If a water pipe breaks, call the Department of Public Works at 624-2800 and we will turn off the water at the outside valve for you.
  • After hour emergencies: call the Village answering service at: 1-866-598-3484.
  • Post the phone number of a plumber, an electrician, and the Department of Public Works along with other emergency numbers.
  • Have a friend or neighbor check the inside of your house for you while you are away on vacation. Water pipes can burst at any time.

Sewer Backups.
If a sewer backup occurs, call the Department of Public Works first. We will check the main sewer line without charge. If the main line is free of blockage, we will advise you to call a plumber. If a sewer backup occurs after hours, you may contact the Village answering service at: 1-866-598-3484. The Village is responsible for the main sewer line. Any blockages in the connections or private line are the responsibility of the homeowner.

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